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DK3 Breakbeat V2 DK3 Breakbeat V2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great work

Don't sweat it too much about the rejection, OCR standards are pretty high (too high in my opinion). OCR is heavily based on composition and rarely about what sounds good. It's good in a way, but bad too. It applies especially to trance/techo/drum 'n' bass. You'll rarely find em nowadays purely cuz those genre's are hard to be produced to match OCR standards. If you really want a submission on there, ask the judges or remixers (judges are usually remixers anyway) for some advice, otherwise, just don't bother.

I'd complain about their standards on the OCR boards directly but those judges have probably had enough of people disagreeing with the way they do things already, I've been around OCR long enough to know that. Apart from stickin to Newgrounds, just submit to VGMix when it's back up and running. Bound to get some kudos there too. As for me, I'm givin this one a 9, great work.